AML-AM Business Start-Up Support Kitbags

Quick-Start Aussie Business Kitbag

AUD$385 inc GST - plus postage

The Quick-Start Aussie Business Kitbag is just to thing to help you kick-start your business venture including marketing and promotional samples to start your advertising campaign.

Use the kitbag contents to start your own AML-AM business, to start your own private venture or simply to supplement your current business.

It can even help you evaluate what you are currently doing in your business and help give it a boost.

The Contents
Quick-Start Business Office Tools Pack; CD

    •  54 page e-Book (pdf) "Understanding IT and the Internet for Your Business Success"

    •  9 page e-Book (pdf) "What Makes a Good Business Website"

    •  27 page e-Book (pdf) "Planning For Your Business Success"

    •  16 page e-Book (pdf) "Guide to Starting Your Own Business"

    •  Business Plan Template (Word/PDF: 2 files)

    •  Financial Records and Profit and Loss Templates (Excel)

    •  Customer Invoice Database (ACCESS)

FREE Web Page and Profile Page

    •  AML-AM Corporate Web Page and Additional Business Profile Page: use for your own business

•  600 royalty free photos of Australia: minimum value $300 - use on website/s or promotional material

Merchandise Promoting AML and Associate Businesses

•  Beach Bag with AML logo

•  Cap with AML or Business logo

•  Deluxe Pen with AML or Business logo

•  Oversized Postcards [21.5cm x 14cm] with AML or Business logo

•  Total Minimum Value: $750 plus

Additional AML Materials

•  Discover Australia Travel Guide - pdf e-Book of over 200 pages about where to go and what to see in Australia

•  What is Australia My Land - slideshow explaining how AML is promoting the country and Australian Businesses

•  AML Business Marketing Promotions slideshow

•  pdf AML Discover Australia Wall Map of Australia

Australia My Land Quick Start Business In A Kitbag

Photo indicitive of contents only

Australia My Land Quick Start Business In A Kitbag